Having fun has never been so easy before.

Ready to start?

What is RedXen?

RedXen is a hosting group and community that provide services for your entertainment.

Why RedXen?

Transparency, freedom and simplicity. We keep it short and to the point. We think that people should be free to enjoy whatever they want however they want and we commit to bring this dream as much as possible to reality.

Where do i join?

There are a few places you might want to start. If you are looking for some games, our Mumble server is a good start. You can communicate with ease with your buddies without limits and without worrying about management. Just join, make a channel and you are good to go!

However, if you are looking to help with development or suggest a change, our Gitea instance is open for registrations. You can help us become better by submitting a issue or contributing yourself. We also provide git hosting but this is approval only at the moment to prevent spam.

Finally, if you feel adventurous you might want to join our Telegram Group to have a chat.

What are you hosting?